Kenda KLEVER A/P (KR05)

Performance, All Terrain

All-Terrain Performance tire for SUV/Light Truck providing a Comfortable and Safe Highway Ride.


* Specialized tread design* Large outer tread blocks and high-angle open shoulder grooves* All terrain tread pattern design


* Enables traction for various applications and conditions* Provide responsive and stable cornering capability* Offers comfortable handling and stability

Kenda KLEVER A/P (KR05)

Tire Specifications

Current Size
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
24057526516ELT265/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)123/120NBSW10 80 
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI
Other Available Sizes
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
050005LT31X10.5R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL6 0 
050008LT30X9.5R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL6 0 
2405X53115CW31X10.50R15LT C KLEVER A/P (KR05)109QOWL6 50 
2405953015C30X9.50R15LT C KLEVER A/P (KR05)104QBSW6 50 
305B5A630X9.5R15 LT B KLEVER A/P96QOWL 156535 
3056B50830X9.5R15 LT C KLEVER A/P104QOWL 198550 
3053B50131X10.5R15 LT C KLEVER A/P109QOWL 227035 
050002LT235/75R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL6 0 
050001LT235/75R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW6 0 
24057523515CWLT235/75R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)104/101QOWL6 50 
3051C5A9LT235/75R15 C KLEVER A/P104/101Q  198550 
24057523515CLT235/75R15 C KLEVER A/P (KR05)104/101QBSW6 50 
050017LT225/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
050009LT225/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
24057522516ELT225/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)115/112NBSW10 80 
3067E698LT225/75R16 E KLEVER A/P115/112N  268080 
050016LT245/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
050006LT245/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
24057524516ELT245/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)120/116NBSW10 80 
3054B609LT245/75R16 E KLEVER A/P120/116N  308580 
050019LT265/75R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL8 0 
050010LT265/75R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL8 0 
050011LT265/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL10 0 
050020LT265/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL10 0 
050021LT265/75R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  OWL10 0 
24057526516DLT265/75R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)119/116NBSW8 65 
3068E606LT265/75R16 E KLEVER A/P123/120N  341580 
050014LT215/85R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW8 0 
050022LT215/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
050007LT215/85R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW8 0 
050013LT215/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
24058521516DLT215/85R16 D KLEVER A/P (KR05)110/107NBSW8 65 
3055B608LT215/85R16 D KLEVER A/P110/107N  233565 
24058521516ELT215/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)115QBSW10268080 
050004LT235/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
050015LT235/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW10 0 
050003LT235/85R16 G KLEVER A/P (KR05)  BSW14 0 
30528095LT235/85R16 G KLEVER A/P126/123Q  3750110 
24058523516GLT235/85R16 G KLEVER A/P (KR05)126/123QBSW14 110 
24058523516ELT235/85R16 E KLEVER A/P (KR05)120/116QBSW10 80 
3052E604LT235/85R16 E KLEVER A/P120/116Q  308580 
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI